Thursday, 9 September 2021

Number Before



Never give up

Never give up
Today i watched  this video, i hope you guys watch the video and it all about never give up, and its also a song so you can sing or dance or do both of them, and i hope you can learn something from the song. A song by Bruno Mars from Sesame Street. I love the words of the song it tell me to never give up especially doing this lock down. My Ptengland school learn more help each other on our online learning it is not easy but don't give up enjoy this video. 


Friday, 3 September 2021

Fun day for my learning

                                                                  Fun day for my learning                                                                   Today was a fun day for my learning, because my mum bought a dice and playing cards for my maths game, so me and my mum played first game and then me and my sister  Tumoe on the second game. I learnt about 3D shapes and I trying to find a 3D shapes around our house it was so fun. The most thing I like. I was trying to find a cone shape and there was nothing in my house, and i told to my mum 'what about you go  buy a ice cream cone'  hahaha . and Im so happy when my mum came from the shop with me and my siblings ice cream cones. Thank you mum!

3D Shapes

How the harakeke or flax important in Maori.

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Our Eyes

Making smoothies


Making smoothies 
Today I made a smoothies. Me and my sibling we have to choose our own fruit we like for our. So i choose orange and kiwi fruit and yogurt and milk. the first thing I had to do cut fruit into pieces and put inside the blender and add three table spoon of yogurt and add milk too, and let the blender to go to blend my smoothies and i can't wait to ta

Making Arrays Stage 4/ Skip counting

How to cook my egg

                                                                          How to cook my egg 

1.  egg
2. butter / oil 
3. salt  /  pepper 

Today I cooked egg for me and my family. All you need a bowl, whisk,  fry pan when i got all of those things. You crack eggs into the bowl add salt and pepper for flavour and then mix together. Put butter inside the fry pan and then you add the mixture inside and  you wait until it ready to cook. Make sure you stir until it cook and ready to eat.