Thursday, 9 September 2021

Number Before



Never give up

Never give up
Today i watched  this video, i hope you guys watch the video and it all about never give up, and its also a song so you can sing or dance or do both of them, and i hope you can learn something from the song. A song by Bruno Mars from Sesame Street. I love the words of the song it tell me to never give up especially doing this lock down. My Ptengland school learn more help each other on our online learning it is not easy but don't give up enjoy this video. 


Friday, 3 September 2021

Fun day for my learning

                                                                  Fun day for my learning                                                                   Today was a fun day for my learning, because my mum bought a dice and playing cards for my maths game, so me and my mum played first game and then me and my sister  Tumoe on the second game. I learnt about 3D shapes and I trying to find a 3D shapes around our house it was so fun. The most thing I like. I was trying to find a cone shape and there was nothing in my house, and i told to my mum 'what about you go  buy a ice cream cone'  hahaha . and Im so happy when my mum came from the shop with me and my siblings ice cream cones. Thank you mum!

3D Shapes

How the harakeke or flax important in Maori.

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Our Eyes

Making smoothies


Making smoothies 
Today I made a smoothies. Me and my sibling we have to choose our own fruit we like for our. So i choose orange and kiwi fruit and yogurt and milk. the first thing I had to do cut fruit into pieces and put inside the blender and add three table spoon of yogurt and add milk too, and let the blender to go to blend my smoothies and i can't wait to ta

Making Arrays Stage 4/ Skip counting

How to cook my egg

                                                                          How to cook my egg 

1.  egg
2. butter / oil 
3. salt  /  pepper 

Today I cooked egg for me and my family. All you need a bowl, whisk,  fry pan when i got all of those things. You crack eggs into the bowl add salt and pepper for flavour and then mix together. Put butter inside the fry pan and then you add the mixture inside and  you wait until it ready to cook. Make sure you stir until it cook and ready to eat.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021


today I read A book name Top bear there was two bear on lock down. one bear was holding a rugby ball and his name is Ted and Ted have lot of like, ted have 3,218 like and the other bear name Dora, and she have a rope and a red hat she got a lot of like she have 4,250 and both if the bear are challenging to get more like. one day there was a news.

the lady said  kia ora every one  there is a lot of people that looking at ted and Dora but Ted and Dora change they outfit Dora was the star

and ted was the plane. who is going to win?  said the news. the end thank you guy for reading my story i hope you be safe a lockdown­čĹŹ

T3W6 Wed Maths L1

Friday, 20 August 2021

Cooking With Chef Sa



Prepare ingerdiants.


Finely dice ingrediants to start cooking.


Cracks eggs in the frying pan add your ingerdiants (tomatoes, spinach e.g.) 


Finish it off by putting the wrap ontop of the eggs to fold.  


Put cheese on the top if you like, then fold it into a burrito looking thing 


Finishing off, you enjoy your meal  

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Arty me, Arty you!

Task Description: I draw a football player! I also let my sister help me colour in. My favourite part of doing is colouring in. Do you like my drawing? Comment positive on my blog please!

Stay safe home!

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Recount Edit

Dirty Polluted Water

task description: we read Dirty Polluted Water and it and we learnt about when water is dirty you have to make it clean so animal won't die Save the turtles!!

Thursday, 5 August 2021

obstacles races

Task description: we read  obstacles races  and we learned about horse and people on a while chair and dog that they were like racing and that.

Migic Number

Tuesday, 3 August 2021


task description:we read markets and we learnt about shop and old thing and it was so hard

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

:) Holiday!!!

 on the holiday it was so fun i did a lot of thing i go on my chrome book and it was so fun. Was your holiday was fun? i have to clean to and it a lot of hard work i clean my room i clean the shoes and when i'm finished i go on my chrome book and i talk to my best friends and they name is anne marie  and diamond they are so kind. we always talk but i don't talk to them anymore, because they are to loud but sometime i'm to lizzy to call my friend, but today i'm calling my friend today. and when my mum is here she said go do you home work yesterday but now i'm doing it but i'm putting music and the song call (just the 2 of us) and it one hour and it a bet fun when i'm doing my home work. and the holiday is fun do you do your home work on the holiday? well every tuesday and Monday I do my home work on the holiday and 

the holiday was okay for me and i some time play Mincrafe i some time play with my sister and it was so fun and the movie was so funny and ofcorse i ate chip and it was yummy to but for lunch i having pie but i just ate it was yummy and holiday was so fun. please commoant me on my blog and if you do that will make me happy and i will be you friend. and i do have friend but i can steel be your friend to and we all can be best friend to and we all can have fun and we can play tag on the park at school, and I can play with you guys if you dont have friend. and i know it a long story but i have to steel spell. and was your holiday bad or good tell me on the commonat me on the blog and thank you for reading my story happy holiday!!!!!!!

Thursday, 8 July 2021

My maths whizz

 task description: this is my maths whizz i did a lot of maths whizz today it was so hard to go on super star i have to get all the diamond and if you on maths whizz that mean that you are good on maths even if you on pro or master that still good and i love maths whizz even if you new on maths whizz don't worry you can still be the beast.


tidy drive

can a fly fly?

task description: we read can a fly fly we learned about odd things animals and insect do and about homographs - words spelt the same with a different meaning.

Matariki star

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

year 3000

Parent Interview Survey

My Musical Instrument

hi I got five jars and then I put water in each one i put on cup of water two cup of water three cup of water four cup of water on each jar and then I get i spoon to hit the jar and then it make some Music and it was so fun you should have a try and can you please watch my video and if you like it i will be so happy and please in joy my video.

Friday, 25 June 2021

Mr frosty and the bmx boy

Jumping in the cool water there was a boy who jumped in the sea.Yelling so loud then the boy pulled his pants up and he jumped off the cliff.Riding to the top of the mountain the boy went to go and lay down.On a sunny day God was eating him ice cream and he like it.On top of a mountain boy jump and did a big bomb and then god drop him ice cream Under the blue sky god did a bomb it was a big one, He backflip and bomb! Powerfully bomb God, was very good at backflip God. Loudly he was so loud he was going to fall off the cliff then he yell.Bravely god was so brave to jump off the cliff he made a big bomb.


God Bomb

chatting to God

the boy bomb

Friday, 18 June 2021

Magic numeber


my stone soup

Rocket Description

When it Monday the 20th 2019 Jake worked at the rocket ship he was very scared to go up to space but his parents said don’t worry God and as is always with you we are so proud of you and the son was so sad and said you are always with me and jake he was 34 years old and the parent and jake was crying so they hug and jake put him cloths on and got very scared but the dad was died even he worked at the rocket ship and he died just same like jake did the end. It was a very sad story. The parents miss him and Jake dies. The story was all about jake.

easy peasy.