Tuesday, 25 May 2021

My"what If"planet

                                                           task description: it is big and you going to in joy my writing.

Friday, 7 May 2021

space day activities.

Yester We had a lot of fun activities. We did space food and space art and space games. And it was so fun. My favorite one is space food. First I went to Mrs Adina's classroom. She is the space game teacher. We did a lot of sports, and it was so fun. We got balls and we threw them to other people and the person in the middle had to pick one person to get in the middle and try to get the ball and it was hard to catch the ball and it was fun. Next I went to Mrs Moala's classroom and she was the space art teacher. did lot’s of art and Mrs moala had a lot of art. She had glue paper and pencil. Finally I Went to Mrs Tumahai's classroom. She was the space food and she had marshmallow and pretzels and cheezels and it was so yummy and it was my favorite because we eat and it was so fun and we played games too. And I felt Very very happy because I did lots of fun activities and it made me very hungry, sporty and arty.

the hailstorm